Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update on the Bus Tour

This was definately the way to see Ireland! Here's the recap so far, we have the Book of Kells and yarn shopping tomorrow in Dublin, then it's off to Paris!

Sunday was a busy day, we rode the bus to the Cliffs of Moher. It was cold, glad I had my wool sweater! It was foggy, here’s the view. Beautiful!

Mom had a Guinness with lunch!!

More bus riding to Killarney, and a tour by horse drawn carriage of an historic Irish house in Killarney. The carriage behind us kept trying to race us. Mom thought the carriage was “rustic” and could have done without it.

The house was a beautiful example of Victorian times, Queen Victoria actually slept there for 2 nights.

Monday: Mom decided to sleep in and miss the (long) bus ride around the lakes of Kerry. Spectacular vistas, and another sheep for me.

I might have to move here!

Tuesday we kissed the Blarney Stone! Mom was very proud of herself for climbing 110 steps, up a few towers. It was BEAUTIFUL at Blarney Castle! See for yourself:

Wednesday we travelled to the Waterford Crystal Factory for a tour. Mom was the first one off the bus for this!

Then we went to Killkenny, the home of my ancestors. Now I think I know where I want to live here!

Killkenny Castle and a medievel town.

We ran out of batteries on our cameras, so we are going to snag some shots from our bus-mates for your viewing pleasure.

We decided to have an early night tonight, and I had this blogging to do. It’s 9:00 pm and the sun is still shining!

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kells488 said...

Hi, you are getting Kelly and I very excited! Looks like you are having great weather. Haven't seen Red yet but we'll be seeing a lot of him the next few days. Forrest asked us to watch him while they are in Orlando. I love the pics of Ireland especially the sheep and Elaine with her Guiness! Love, Chris and Kelly