Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Touring Granada

We went to Mass on Sunday in the Cathedral annex. It was beautiful:

Mom wanted to go to a bull fight. I wasn’t feeling up to it, as I had cut my finger and it was a little infected, so we just watched it on TV. Mom was interested in the pageantry and the costuming. It was good that we didn’t go, I think. We looked up the history and details of bullfighting on the internet during the commercials. Those bulls weigh in at over 1000 lbs! It’s not about the animal at all, rather it is about the courage of the matador, and his ability to control his own fear.

The next day we started touring. Here are some snaps:

Now for the humor: Some of you know I was going to rent a car in Paris, but was shouted down by the customers around the knitting table at the shop. They told me I would be crazy to drive in Paris, so I cancelled the car and we travelled by taxi, which was “interesting” to say the least… Jean Pierre said that Parisians have no patience. But here in Granada we get to the center of the old town on a little bus that costs 1.20 euro each. The ride is about 10 minutes at the most.

Photo of the bus in the wide part of the street in front of our hotel:

On the way home today, the little bus was taking on many passengers on the narrow street, which took some time. Mom and I were in the first seats behind the driver and the bus was packed with an international collection of people. People in the cars behind the bus started honking. The driver waved out his window that he couldn’t help it. Honking continued…

Next thing we knew, the bus driver jumped out his door and ran back to yell at the car behind us. The bus started rolling backwards! Three French passengers and one Serbian man all grabbed for the hand break and saved the day!

I thought Mom was going to shout bad words in French & Spanish, I couldn’t believe it! The driver came back and had to light a cigarette right away, he was so upset that he couldn’t start the bus. Then he took a long time going the rest of the way up the hill. No one said anything, except to point out the hand break was on. Once we got off the bus, I started laughing, Mom wasn’t laughing at all. All I could think was that people told us the Parisians were bad drivers!

Mom says it’s funny now that we are back at the hotel, but I bet we’re going to be very careful on all the buses.

Now we are getting ready for the reason we came to Europe in the first place, the Wedding!

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