Thursday, March 10, 2011

How cute!!!

I have the BEST story for you!

I met-up with my spinning "Meet-up" group a few weeks ago and met the nicest young couple. And what a spinning story they had!

Rob and Lauren live together... They both like to make things... Lauren likes spinning fiber into yarn... So, Rob decided to make her a spinning wheel for Christmas! He started in October, using scrap wood they had in their basement woodworking shop.

He had never seen a working wheel, he just understood the concepts. (He's an engineer, if memory serves me right). So he went to work at night. He said he was doing the laundry! Every night. And, each night, so Lauren would not see the work in progress, he dis-assembled the wheel and hid all the pieces.

He did this for two and a half months. Lauren couldn't figure out what he was doing, and was getting very annoyed at his lack of involvement with anything except the laundry!

Lauren's parents were helping Rob: her mom hand painted a beautiful scene on the actual wheel, her dad helped with tools.

So when Lauren complained about Rob to her parents, her mom would say "yes, but maybe Rob is busy... He's such a nice guy...". And Lauren just got more annoyed at the lack of sympathy.

Rob finally decided he better give her the Christmas present in the first week of December before she became REALLY aggravated!

And won her heart again... mine too with this great gift!


Hi everyone,

It's been a busy month!

I found a job at the beginning of March with Aflac! (Yes, the duck!).

In order to sell insurance in New York you have to get a license. This required attending a class, taking and passing a pre-test, then taking the state exam and passing. You all know me, I had to do it the first time, too! So, I did!

It took two weeks of intensive studying but I did it!!! I am now a licensed insurance agent (I will be official when I get my license number.)

I'm going to ask you all for help now though.

Who do you know?

I am so pleased to be working for Aflac, and you all know how much having great insurance helped David and me with his cancer. Aflac offers a really great cancer policy. (It covers so much and is so very reasonable!). I want to help make it easy for others when faced with this dread disease. (The insurance company actually calls the policy a "dread disease" policy.).

So, if you know anyone up here who might be interested in policies, please let me know.

There are many other supplemental policies available as well: short and long term disability; supplemental health, vision and dental; hospital supplemental and accident (on and off the job) supplemental.