Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hi everyone,

It's been a busy month!

I found a job at the beginning of March with Aflac! (Yes, the duck!).

In order to sell insurance in New York you have to get a license. This required attending a class, taking and passing a pre-test, then taking the state exam and passing. You all know me, I had to do it the first time, too! So, I did!

It took two weeks of intensive studying but I did it!!! I am now a licensed insurance agent (I will be official when I get my license number.)

I'm going to ask you all for help now though.

Who do you know?

I am so pleased to be working for Aflac, and you all know how much having great insurance helped David and me with his cancer. Aflac offers a really great cancer policy. (It covers so much and is so very reasonable!). I want to help make it easy for others when faced with this dread disease. (The insurance company actually calls the policy a "dread disease" policy.).

So, if you know anyone up here who might be interested in policies, please let me know.

There are many other supplemental policies available as well: short and long term disability; supplemental health, vision and dental; hospital supplemental and accident (on and off the job) supplemental.

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