Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our last days in Ireland

Our last days in Ireland were spent in Dublin. We saw the real “Book of Kells,” how it was made and Trinity College. Our hotel was beautiful, but for all you F & B folks, they could use a little work in that department.

Here’s mom enjoying a Jameson Whiskey and Cranberry. The group at the table were tasting different whiskeys.

We are posing with our guide Joe. He was fabulous, and had been with this tour company for something like 27 years, 18 on this tour! How’s that for job security. He did tell us that only one person died on his watch! He knew all about everything, and was great at rounding everyone up, all the time.

This is the Trinity College commons, we had sandwiches there. It’s so much fun hanging with the students.

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Rad Sujanto said...

Nice! So you're taking your mom to a holiday going around Europe? If you are, that's a very nice thing.

Salute to you! :D