Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Granada – and how we got here!

Our last day in Paris was beautiful, as you can see from the photo.

Our trip to Granada was much more “interesting” – shall we let the photo tell the story?
Our whole trip was kind of like this photo! The train was noisy, bumpy, and did I mention noisy? Mom had the bottom berth and felt every bump, and heard every noise. I slept through the whole thing, thanks to Tylenol PM. But I was the one pushing the bags around…

Then it was time for the bus in Madrid. Have you ever seen those people running through the station? Well, not speaking the language, I purchased the wrong number of tickets (uno, not dos) and had to go waaay back to the ticket counter and buy another one, but the bus should have already left, so I had to buy two for the next hour.

I then ran (with big carryon containing my computer and a BUNCH of other stuff) from one end of the LARGE station, down the escalator, and all the way to the bus. I thought the driver would have left, and mom would be standing there with the rest of our bags, but he was nice enough to wait, and laughed when I told him I had tres tickets! Don’t worry, though, we have alternate (elegant) means of returning to London for our boat trip.

Coming to the Alhambra Palace was beautiful! Here’s a photo of the view from our room in Paris:
and here’s a view from our room in Granada (double click on the photo to get the big picture):

where we just rested for two days and recovered.

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