Monday, May 12, 2008

Latest Update - covering the weekend and travel

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yesterday at the National Museum (FREE!) we saw Impressionists and classical portraits, one of which looked just like my niece Chrissy! So we found postcards of that portrait, and mailed them to the lucky few. International stamps are US$1.00, though! We posted them from a round red post box.

Today we were ready for a sit down trip, so we went on a cruise of the River Thames. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day, and the crew gave a very humorous commentary. We went all the way to Greenwich, of Greenwich Mean Time, and saw the observatory, and numerous pubs along the Thems. The crew mentioned every pub we passed, I think there may have been some longing for a pint or two in his voice.

My pictures didn't cme out as well as I wanted, it was a beautiful day to spend on the river!
We had an early dinner, because Friday is shopping day!

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