Monday, May 12, 2008

Traveling to Ireland

We had our first kind of glitch - we asked for a wake up call for 5:00 AM!!! (aagghh!), and called a cab sservice for 6:00 am to make our flight to Dublin.

Well... no wake up call, my eyes opened at 5:45 AM.

We made it downstairs with all our stuff by 6:05 am, and our cab was waiting nicely. Luckly that was all that was bad. Flights very good, Aer Lingeus was fab!

Here's mom trying to call Dan from Dublin, her phone didn't work... mine does. Forest quit leaving those LONG messages!

We landed and got to our hotel, which was across the street from our first Castle! But more important:


This was our entertainment at the Tower Banquet:

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