Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Last Night in Paris - by Elaine

Marni and Elaine’s last evening in Paris, France was most memorable…

It was like a fairy-tale of a perfect outing in Paris. Marni and David’s friend, JP, picked us up at our hotel, as he had parked his neat, new SUV at the end of the street.. His wife, Vony, jumped out to greet us, and then we sped on to the Louvre Museum Restaurant Le Café Marly, right across from the pyramid entrance of the Louvre.

We had a marvelous table inside looking out at the Louvre. Jean Pierre (cool French name) read most of the menu, and helped us decide what to order..He ordered a bottle of French Bordeaux wine..It was light, red wine with a spicy taste. Delicious..He continued to fill our glasses throughout the dinner..I had a delicious fish with a curry/lemon sauce. Marni had shrimp and risotto..We all had dessert..French pasties, framboises.

We had wonderful conversations about the French political scene, their medical plan, the social security, and the school systems..At dinner we took several photos, you see.

After dinner we walked outside and a diamond studded Eiffel tower greeted us with thousands of bright silver lights..The City of Lights..This display only happens on the hour of the evening..What a fantastic view!!

As the lights turned back to the regular lights we were driven back to our hotel with the traditional farewell kiss on each cheek by our gracious, delightful hostess and host.. for a fond au revoir of Paris..!!

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Terra said...

Hi Marni & Elaine,
It looks like you girls are having a marvelous time!! I am sooo jealous! But I'm really very happy for you both because you deserve to have a lovely trip.
Thanks for the excellent pictures and great blog. Have fun on the rest of your trip & pet a sheep for me.
Love, Terra