Friday, May 30, 2008

The Alhambra

Now I know why people say that Granada is the most beautiful city in the world – because of the Alhambra! Hope you can play the video...

The Alhambra is the oldest part of the city, on the top of a hill, overlooking the current city. It was built on top of Roman battlements, and was the palace of the Muslim rulers of the area, from 889 AD to 1492 ad, when Granada was (finally) captured by Ferdinand and Isabella, the same year they sent Christopher Columbus to discover the new world. In the center of the City is a huge statue showing Queen Isabella giving Columbus a degree to find the new world-America.
There are over 7000 visitors DAILY to the Alhambra, which consists of three main parts, the oldest are remains of the first fortifications:

The Muslim/Christian palace, photos from Mom's camera - I ran out of batteries again.

And the Gardens:
Oh, the Gardens! I went back the next day to tour them again!
More snaps for your viewing pleasure:

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