Sunday, May 18, 2008



WOW!! I can't believe I'm here! How did this ever happen? Why didn't I learn French?
The photo above is one short block from our hotel.
We are about three blocks from the Eiffel Tower, we walked there today. Mom's foot is bothering her a little, so she went to rest it, and I walked around. Sorry Neil, it's way better than the Village here! Mom wants to go to Mass at Norte Dame Cathedral today.
At Notre Dame Cathedal. Don't I look European?

The hotel is like a starving artist room, 5th floor, surrounded by fab French architecture, cheesy furniture, good bathroom, but the commode is in its own little closet, bath and sinks in another room. I got a good price on Expedia. We'll make up for the economy at the Alhambra.

Location is everything though! Look at these photos!

WOW!!! I think I'm in love! (and I thought the sheep in Ireland were good – now THAT sounds really unusual! You all know what I mean, though.)

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Wayne said...

Looks lovely. Glad you're both having a great time.