Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still having fun!

It seems that life is getting busy here in NYC, I’ve been looking for a new apartment as my adorable sublet is coming to a close. Well, my landlord was RIGHT – I had to pay my NYC dues by looking at some of the (shall we say) “less desirable” apartments in the Village….

I won’t go into detail except to say: what are these people THINKING?? Do they really think people will rent these places? And, evidently, people DO rent them…

I think I have found a nice place for two months, it’s 10 blocks away from my current location. I wish it was closer, but it’s clean and cute. I’ll keep you all posted.

What have I been doing, besides apartment hunting?

I went to the Opera! Saw behind the scenes with my wonderful cousin! Very Exciting! Danced a ballet step on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera (while the crew was moving scenery around!). The photos are from the Internet; I didn’t think it was appropriate to take photos while a guest.

Then I went to a Greenwich Village coffee house and listened to another cousin play music! She is a sophomore at NYU, and plays in a chamber music group, very lovely!

I went to an art show at the Park Avenue Armory, it was fabulous!

And then more looking for apartments… I will keep you posted on the hunt. Once I am settled, I will be seriously pounding the pavement for a job!

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