Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Wedding

The Wedding was the epitome of Spain and Granada. It was so beautiful and so Spanish! It was the absolute highlight of the trip!

Here we are in the lobby of our fabulous hotel, just before starting out to “La Boda.” (The Wedding.)

Marelis and Casto were the most beautiful and handsome couple!

Mare was glowing as she walked into the exquisite church with her Papa.

Casto and his mom were waiting for her; Casto looked so handsome and proud, as did his mom in her stunning mantilla.

Even though we didn’t have a common language, we managed to communicate before the event.

The ceremony was performed by a bishop from Venezuela, Marelis’ home country, in the oldest Granada church. Notice the altar d├ęcor. We were surrounded by daisy bouquets in front of every statue, and each pew was decorated with individual flowers.

The ceremony was all in Spanish, yet Mom and I understood quite a bit, picking up words here and there. When Marelis’ grandmother spoke, we could almost fill in the words, she was so expressive. Casto’s sister gave a speech that put a tear in the eyes of the pew in front of us, it must have been beautiful.

Upon leaving the church, as Mare and Casto greeted the crowd, the party was the center of attention for all the onlookers. Then the Spanish guitars started playing, and the crowd went wild.

The reception was at the most beautiful mansion, outdoor cocktail party, beautiful centerpieces and the most striking building. The interior of the building was true Spanish historical luxury.

The reception followed the New York/Florida style event, with Spanish touches. The Bride and Groom sliced the cake with a sword. The food was presented marvelously and was delicious! No one was overlooked! Special deserts for the children!

Then out came the Venezuelan Mariachi band! It was hard to get a photo, the guests loved the music and players so much!

We were thoughtfully seated at a table with Mare & Casto’s German friends, who all also spoke English! It was very much fun, exchanging stories and laughing.

Claudia and Sasha came from Munich, leaving their two young children at home with a sitter. They did keep calling though, thanks to cell phones! They told us they did not even have a hotel, they just came for the ceremony and party, and were flying back the next morning….! I should explain that the party was scheduled to last till 5:00 am!!! (The ceremony started at 5:00 pm.)

Needless to say, Mom and I didn’t stay THAT late, but it was the wee hours when we returned to the hotel, which was just down the street.

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