Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reflections and Home

This trip was the dream I had for almost 20 years. It became so much more, as I could not take it with my husband, but COULD take it with my Mom! I am so happy that we did this, I learned so much about my mom that I never knew, and our friendship grew so much stronger! It’s really good to be best friends with your mom.

It is so important to take the moments in your life as you can, don’t keep waiting for the right ones to come along as they rarely will. I learned that with this trip. I had this wonderful time with my mom, and carried David in my heart. People have told me that they hear their departed speak to them, but I never could hear David until this trip. I heard him loud and clear now. He is always with me, and I can treasure all our life together, but move on alone now. I found my independence, thanks to Mom, too, for letting me be the tour director.

I learned that I have to take the time to fulfill my dreams, too. Learning French and taking ballet to end up on pointe shoes are my current goals. We’ll see how that goes. There might be an aerodynamic issue with the ballet thing… Going BACK to Europe is also on the list, maybe to live for awhile, we’ll see.

So stay posted for more yarns. Quite a few in the near future will probably contain yarn and knitting information!

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Barbara said...

Greetings from the Rocky Mountains, Marni! I've been vicariously enjoying your journey with each post, so thank you for taking me "virtually" along! The pictures were beautiful! You're a wonderful writer, Marni, and I'm especially moved by your last post and will keep your wise words close to heart. Good blessings be yours, Marni! I'll write you soon!
... Barbara in Colorado