Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012!!

Since I couldn't print out all the news and mail it in my holiday cards, I decided to make a year long posts for you all to read!  I'm not sure how long one post can be, so I might have to split up the posts, but I will start from January 2012 to now, just keep opening the posts as needed!


This year started with my job at the Czech Republic Consulate teaching them how to do in-house catering.  Food was fabulous!  This was a temporary job, and it ended in May.

I worked at Vogue Knitting Live for Lion Brand, one of my other jobs in January.  That was also Really FUN!  (as you can see!)

This is the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue!

  Rob and I have fun where ever we go!  Even if it is just to the Thrift Store looking for Treasures!

  Central Park in the Spring.

This Summer I was down to two jobs, the yarn shop and Pace University.  That gave us more time to have fun. 
Mary Came to Visit:    And she got an iPhone, so we had to have lessons!

Then Ana came to visit and we had to eat hotdogs on the street and have a “Mister Softie”  Ice Cream!

Of course we had to go to a yarn shop!

Rob and I went to an event called “Dinner en Blanc”...

... with 3200 of our neighbors ALL dressed in white, with white chairs, tables and dinner at a secret location.
Lincoln Center!

Life is GOOD!

We rode in the Five Boro Bike Tour again this year – 42 miles with 32000 (yes that’s right!) of our closest bikers… that was really fun!  And I did great this year!

We celebrated two years of dating by re-enacting our first date…

I am very happy to report that I got a full time job working as the Director of Catering at a Law Firm (one of the biggest in New York) with a Compass International (the largest foodservice company in the world).  Although you cannot tell from the size of my office!

And them my Sweetie took me to my favorite fall event – 

He still cannot believe all these people are so enthusiastic about YARN!

I cannot believe the trees – and the colors – how beautiful!

My Yarn Celebrity Photo – me with the owner of a Spinning Wheel Manufacturing company.

Last year we had a hurricane and a snowstorm in one week… but it wasn’t a REAL hurricane.  This year we had a REAL hurricane. 

Inside the building lobby – yes, that is the water line from the flooding…

Rob’s apartment building was flooded, as was the Seaport.  These photos were a month after the storm! Worse than I had ever seen in South Florida!

We celebrated the Holidays by going to another famous NYC activity – blowing up the Macy’s Parade Balloons! 

Still more to come...


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